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2001 Ford Escape engine misfire code - cylinders 4 and 5

My car is having an engine misfire code in cylinders 4 and 5. It is very under powered and idles at a very low rpm. What could it be?

It could be a misfire, as you said. Could be the coil, spark plug wire or spark plugs. I can’t narrow it down at all since you haven’t told us anything about the car. Engine type? Transmission type? Miles on the car? Is the check engine light on? What is the actual code. the P1234 numbers, not the description.

It says on the engine that it is a v6 dohc 24-valve, It is an automatic transmission. It has 118,000 miles. Idk what the exact codes were.

I’ll add one more potential cause of the problem to the list, blown head gasket. Cylinders 4 and 5 are side-by-side and the gasket may be blown between them. A simple compression test can answer that question. If that is the case, the head needs to come off to replace it. It will not be cheap.

When you take it into the mechanic, describe the problem you are having as completely as you can. Better than you’ve done here. That will help him narrow down the problem more quickly. Good Luck