2001 Dodge Ram 1500 - Engine issues

not much power guzzling gas bad

Yet no CEL, very odd. On second thought, a nearly 22 Y.O. Dodge, not odd at all.

An excessively clogged or dirty catalytic converter will diminish gas mileage as it can severely restrict air flow. It will also cause loss of power.

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Presume you are posting from cell-phone. For best results, try to include basic punctuation to clarify your posts, e.g. “not much power. guzzling gas bad.”

Many things could cause that. The first step is to determine if there are any diagnostic codes stored in the drivetrain computer memory. If you just want a guess, fuel rail pressure is too high.

the more info you give, the better it is for someone here to help you.
there are many reasons that could cause what you posted. like transmission slipping. you would have loss of power and higher fuel consumption.

I have a 1998 Ram that runs like new as well. Small V-8, 5200 pound truck, 13 mpg in the city.

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