2001 Dodge Intrepid/Smoking


Dear Tom & Ray, I may have an answer for the reader who wrote in about the smoking Intrepid. I have a 1999 Intrepid with 160,000 mi on it. I tried to use full synthetic oil about a year ago. And the car smoked like the Batmobile. I switched back to regular oil. Every oil change I use a quart of LUCAS OIL STABILIZER. It is the only product on the market that really works. A lot of my friends use it. And I know several Mechanics who highly recommend it. Its about $10.00 a qt. But thats way cheaper than a new engine.


While I would suggest that your fix might be a good idea for a 1991 car with lots of rust and 195,000 miles, but for a 2001, it would want to fix the problem, not just band aid it.


You might accomplish the same goal at less cost by simply going to a higher weight oil. You might also want to check your PCV valve.

  • mountainbike