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2001 Dodge Caravan Transmission Service Procedure

I’m used to the old days where you’d drop the pan and gasket to change the transmission fluid. My quick oil change wants to suck out the fluid and replace. Which is recommended?

 [b] My quick oil change[/b]

Say no more. Never ever go to a quick oil change place even for directions. Stay totally away from them.

You are right about what they are suggesting. While it does change more, but not all, of the fluid, it does not get it all and most important it does not get the filter cleaned.

I suggest you find a local independent mechanic (not a chain) and let him do the work.

Automatic transmission fluid changes is about the only maintenance that I recommend that is not listed in the owner’s manual for most of today’s cars.

If you open up many of the automotive industry trade magazines, you’ll see many ads for transmission fluid flush machines. The main pitch, in bold print, for all these ads is “Increase Your Profits!”.

So when repair shops buy these machines, they are doing so not because they care about your car, but because they care about their wallet.

Changing your transmission fluid is important. Fluid exchange machines may be appropriate in some cases though I’m not a fan of them. Unfortunately they are too frequently not used correctly. Some of the shortcuts taken with them include using a one-size-fits-all generic fluid, or not dropping the pan first to clean it and to replace the filter.

The quick oil change love these machines because they don’t have employees that can drop and replace the pan without stripping the pan bolts, causing leaks and ruining transmissions.Go to a local garage that will drop the pan change the filter and put in nothing but ATF+4 .

Here’s what Chrysler recommends for transmission fluid service on your vehicle. The transmission fluid should be serviced every 48,000 miles. A transmission fluid exchange machine can be used following the manufacturers specifications.