2001 chevy silverado rough idle

My 2001 chevy silverado idles rough when the engines cold. The colder the weather the rougher the idle. I have replaced plugs, fuel filter, pcv valve and air filter recently during a tune up. When it’s below 60 degrees motor will idle so low that it shuts off until truck is warm.

Have you cleaned the throttle body and the Idle Air Control valve?

No I haven’t. Any suggestions on best way how to or what product to use?

There is a step by step procedure on Alldata that outlines the cleaning process. It mentions to use ‘throttle body safe’ spray cleaner and soft cloth to clean the throat and throttle valve. On your throttle body, I could not visualize where the pintle valve is located. Sometimes the pintle valve has to be removed and the pintle and passages cleaned. There is usually a critical extension dimension of the pintle shaft. If the shaft is extended too far, the PCM has to be commanded to retract with a capable PCM scanner.

I trust you have the Haynes or Chilton manual that covers your truck. That may have the throttle body cleaning procedure and prepare you for any pintle resetting possibility. If you don’t have the tools, you might have a mechanic do the job for you – it should not cost too much.