2001 chevy cavalier



can a 2001 chevy cavalier 2.2 liter haul a small motor boat?


It can haul something. You have to look in the owner’s manual for info about towing and towing weight. Then find out the specs on the boat.

That way you can answer the question “can a…” Now if the question was “would you…” I wouldn’t. You’ll find out why on the first boat ramp you get stuck on.


Arnold, How Small ? 12’ Or 14’ Open Aluminum With A 10HP ?

I don’t see a problem with occasionally towing something like that on a light weight boat trailer. I have pulled similar boats with a 2.2L Dodge and I’ve pulled them with a 1.6L Old Beetle.

What size and type boat / trailer rig are we talking about and how far and how often will you be towing?



I don’t have a boat or trailer yet. Just want to know what size aluminum boat and trailer it could haul. And best way to unload it into water, by hand or can i back it in?


If you’re just looking at a basic aluminum jon boat then you won’t have any trouble. Heck, you could rig that to go on top of the car.

I would unload it by hand - depending on what the ramp looks like - some are steeper and slicker than others.

All you really need to know to shop is how much weight your car can tow - that gives you the weight limit on boat/trailer/gear.


The tow weight I googled was 1000 lbs. An open non console 14 foot aluminum boat is about 150 lbs, trailer 200 lbs, 4 stroke motor 120 lbs. You’re under 750 lbs, should be no problem. Just a word of caution. I made a mistake of throwing the OB in the trunk, put two people in the back of small fwd and I couldn’t climb a shallow dirt road…with no traction on the front. So you’re better off keeping weight in boat up to 1000 Lbs, and minimize your tongue weight and gear you carry overall in the back with FWD. Be very careful of steep ramp when retrieving the boat that you have enough traction with small car.