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2001 chevrolet venture turning signals problem

the problem is that both sides blink fast the left one used to blink normally sometimes and fast again all the lightbulbs work and are not led i found the problem on the right side : in the front the side light blinks but the drl doesnt blink with it now both sides blink fast can anybody please tell me what my problems might be what part of the car i should check ?

Do you seriously expect anyone to understand what you just typed?

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cigroller is right, but I will try to address the question as best I can understand it.

What is the DRL doing or not doing other than what it should?

How long has it been doing this? Since 2001? Did you or someone else replace any bulbs not long before the problem started? If so I suggest buying new lamps to replace the ones that might be related. Make sure the new lamps are the same lamp number as GM list in their owner’s manual.

Has this car had any prior problems with the lights?

The DRL has to blink with the orange side lamp one after another.Its been doing this since last month.I don’t think its the light bulbs because sometimes the left one worked fine , i think its something with the wiring