2001 Chevrolet Blazer - Oil Viscosity

When is it OK to increase oil viscosity from 5-30 to 10-40 ? Veh has 3.3 V6 with about 2
192, 000 miles second owner . Seems to be prior and mine City driving and congested freeway driving. No off road. No snow in CA bay area concord Ca … mild winters hot summer’s concern me at 100 plus. Even 90 degrees at 11pm

With this many miles and temperate climate it should be OK to change now. But I have to ask, are you seeing ANYthing that is saying you need thicker oil? Why do you think you need to do this? The miles? Or is the oil light flickering at idle?

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Because of the miles. And it seems to have a pressure drop on hot days at idle and red lights. I think the 10-40 might be safer.

Been running good conventional oil like valvoline but I’m considering going to Mobil 1 at oil Change it only costs me about 8-9 bucks more since doing myself . Trying to get another year out of the vehicle . I try watching temp gauge as I think these are prone to cooling issues. I had a problem on another similar vehicle that I bought new in 98 . It needs bodyvwork. It worth the big buc to fix and gotta get a wrecking yard door and left fender after a hit run jack did it in

No oil light . I watch the hash Mark… it has oIl pressure guage from factory ,w temp guage and fuel ga just like a Chevy truck dash 2001

Engine is 4.3 like a 350 block withbtwo cylinders whacked off. Ubiquitous Chevy V6