2001 Camry A/C Issue

Hello all - The A/C doesn’t start with the push button switch, meaning the switch light doesn’t come on and the compressor doesn’t kick in. Other switches on the console works (fan, radio etc). I was not able to locate a fuse just for compressor. Any one has any idea on what is going on? - Tks Mathew

The problem is probably because the system is low on refrigerant. There’s a low pressure switch that prevents the system from operating if the refrigerant level gets too low to protect the compressor. Take it to an AC shop, and they’ll connect a set of gauges to determine the state of charge of the AC system.


Thanks - that helps

I agree with Tester’s analysis and his recommendation. Find an independent AC shop in your area and let them fix your AC problem.

It’s not unusual for an 8-year-old AC system to need a recharge. You may want to ask for a leak-detection dye to be added to the system. This will help find any small leaks.