2001 Camry 4 cyl valve adjustment


One more try for those on the east coast (off work now) Have a 2001 camry, 4 cyl 85 K miles. Dealer is trying to sell a valve adjustment. Does anyone have experienced with burned exhaust valves in this 2001 4 cyl engine. Has anyone every been saved by paying 250.00 and told they had tight valves and “whew” caught it just in time" Saved a valve job, wow! Thanks, posted earlier and got what I thought from Tester and a few, but thought I would try again for those who just got off work. Thanks WC






Of course, someone has had burned exhaust valves. If you want of save a few dollars, potentially, measure the valve lash yourself. If one is out of specifications, you’d have to consider a repair shop to replace selected valve lifters to set the clearances to specifications; or, do it yourself.