2001 Cadillac CTS - Maybe good fuel does help?

Comment on high-octane fuel usage column: I had a couple-week old car that didn’t start when the temperature dropped below zero. On the second or third emergency call, the dealer recommended not using high-octane fuel. With that change I had no further starting problems (but I sold it before moving from Mississippi to Alaska).

Interesting. I’d like to know the thinking/chemistry behind that.

The explanation to me was that premium gas has a slightly higher ignition point. Thus regular gas will bun in a cold cylinder somewhat more readily than hi-test.   I'm cheap enough that I immediately switched and never again worried about the "premium" recommendation.

One tow-truck operator who tried to start a truck of mine when it was way below zero in Minnesota, said that a flooded engine will never un-flood below 0 (I think that's the temp he mentioned).  So, once my engine flooded I two options: wait till warmer weather or find a way to heat the engine up closer to zero.  That truck would be well over 50 now, so it had no fancy ignition, injection or any other "in-s" to cause my indigestion.

Thanks. That makes a certain degree (pun unintended) of sense.