2001 Buick Century Temperature Controls

Hi Everyone,

In January of this year my in-laws gave my wife and I a 2001 Buick Century to use. It runs great and everything seems fine on it after 4 months. However, I live at 7000 ft. in Colorado and just two weeks ago the weather started to warm up prompting using just blowing air and air conditioning in the car.

What I noticed is that the air coming out of the driver’s side did whatever I needed it to do. Hot, vent, cold, it’s temperature controls seemed to work. The passenger side, however, only blows hot air…usually. Sometimes it blows cool air, but if it starts blowing hot air, I can not get it to blow cool or cold air, even when the AC is turned on. I have tried a number of ideas to get it to work, and I think, sometimes, after it sits for an hour or so, if I start the car with the temperature setting all the way at cold, it will blow cold air.

Thanks for any help!