2000 VW Jetta 2.0 Standard FWD



So I’m cruising along around 65-70mph when all a sudden I get cut off! In the moment of the panic I went from 5th gear strsight to 1st. And the the engine/rpm reved up super high(focused on the road, I didn’t catch how high) and a sound like as if I dropped a ton can out the window.
Now whenever I’m normally downshifting, as a slowing method, the sound kinda like a pebble shaking in a tin can comes from under my vehicle.
What’s I do this time?


Are you telling us that you use the engine compression to stop the car instead of the brakes?That is a bad thing.
Going from 5th gear to 1st gear without going through all the gears can severely damage the engine, clutch and transmission. Also,the car could spin out of control.Brake pads are a lot less expensive than a new clutch or engine.Bring the car to an independant mechanic ASAP.


yes, the OP should learn some better driving skills. Before he wrecks his next car, as this one may be toast.

Emergency stop: use the brakes, steer around the obstacle if possible, but brakes first. Downshifting does NOT decrease stopping distance.


Yes I agree on who’s error or is. Thank you for your input and concern, yet I am seeking repair advice not lectures. :wink:


Unless you know how to do major mechanical work on this clutch that you are abusing the only advice is have a repair shop look at it.


You came to the wrong web site…



Well, I have no clue what you are hearing, but I do want to say that some of us do get a little judgmental about stuff people do. When the engine stops running it can be scary, because the power steering assist fails and the power brake assist also fades away. When that happens both things still work, but they take a lot of effort. If you try to keep rolling, and slowly come to a stop, that’s the best bet. Just don’t turn the key off until you are safely stopped.


I did not understand that the engine stopped running, only that the missed downshift caused the RPM’s to increase a lot.


Oops, you’re right. He got cut off, the engine didn’t get cut off. Even more reason why the driver made a mistake. It sounds like a very close call situation and he over did the reaction, moved the lever too far to the left, and slammed first. No reason why people here have to beat him up for a mistake. I’ve been making mistakes for 72 years, and I’m just now getting good at it. One of my strongest talents, making mistakes.

Thanks for pointing out my mistake in the previous post.


*by a trucker who may have not seen me.

*apologise for the typo, straight, not “strsight”.

Typically I do, yet failed to do, is what I know as “down-shifting”, where I would have made a more normal, less spontaneous reacted, shift from 5th gear to 4th gear, while keeping enough pressure on the brake to slightly slow down just enough to give the trucker some room.

Ok, thank you for your input. I will be sure to let anyone who needs respectable automotive advice, or all my buddies who pursuing automotive careers, and just anyone who is possibly interested in doing their own mechanic work, … Yeah I’ll let them know to steer clear.
Thank You