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2000 Volvo S70 - Hitch for bikes

need a hitch so I can put a bike rack on my Volvo

This should be easy . Do a web search for places near you that do that kind of work . Even a U-HAUL facility might do this. Or a web search will find some that you might be able to install your self.

Just put ( trailer hitch installers near me ) in your search engine , it is really just that simple.

I love mine. My only advice is to get a lightweight bike rack that also tilts down so you don’t have to lift them off. The one I have (Thule) and the weight is crazy heavy steel.

Thank you for the suggestion. Kitty

Tank you for the information. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Kitty

My dad has a U-Haul hitch on his '19 CRV and they were the best deal in town and at our local U-Haul the guy only did hitches and wiring. We had a factory accessory ,hitch on our '73 Volvo that worked just fine but we could have found an aftermarket hitch much closer and cheaper than travelling 70mi round trip to our nearest Volvo dealer.

First consideration what class hitch you want to have installed. Bike racks vary in ease of use and functions. We got one that we could lower and still open up the tailgate. Uhaul did the last hitch I needed, good price and good work. Some cars need special adapters if you want lights as an option. Choose the most you think you will ever need and choose accordingly.

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