2000 Volkswagen Beetle dead battery

Car battery totally dead (11.4 volts) and in outside parking lot. How do a recharge it? Must it be removed and placed on a trickle charger? If so, at what charging rate? Battery is brand new. Thanks (car is diesel, stick)

11.4 volts is not totally dead. The battery can be charged in the car (use an extension cord) or out on a bench. It doesn’t matter. If you can’t get the charger to the battery, the battery must go to the charger.

A trickle charger overnight is the best way to recharge it but a larger charger for shorter time will work OK, too.

A bigger question is; Why a new battery has discharged below its ability to start your car? Did you leave the lights on? Is something in the car staying ON and discharging the battery?