2000 Toyota Tundra 4WD tinny noise

I hear a tinny noise when I start the engine and when I am accelerating. It doesn’t last long and unfortunately it is intermittent. It doesn’t always happen. Is this serious? Thank you for your time.

Like little ball bearings in a glass jar?

How many miles on this Tundra and what engine? Is the check engine light on?

First off, thanks for replying so quickly. Mileage is 246,000. The check engine light is not on. It sounds like pebbles on metal and only lasts a few seconds. It also makes this sound when I accelerate after turning (which means I am going slowly). It usually makes the sound when I first start it up, but not always.

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I suspected the mileage was pretty high… 19 years and all.

I’d guess the pistons are a rattling a bit given the wear on the engine. Not serious, just a bit annoying.

Could also be a broken heat sheild on the exhaust as well. That will get worse so it will be easier to find. Easy to fix, too.

Is the website yours? The reason I ask is because I really liked it. I am a Senior Citizen gal and I found it to be easy to understand and I think the videos are super valuable. My neighbor who thinks he is a mechanic thinks it is the starter. My question to you is if that were true, I would not hear the rattle when I’m driving, right? I would think I would hear the rattle (if it were the starter) when I am turning the ignition on (starting the engine)? I am perplexed-I crawled underneath my truck today and felt no loose parts including the heat shield. Then I started the engine twice and never heard the rattle. What do you suggest? Again, thanks for your time.

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Thanks, Bee, no it is not my website, I am just one of many forum members.

You know the old comment that a man with a hammer sees everything as a nail? Your neighbor knows how to change a starter so that’s what he thinks it is. If your car is starting OK, then it clearly is not the starter. I suggest you leave it alone until the noise gets worse, if it ever does.

I’d also be saving up for a newer truck. Not saying the truck is on its last legs but it is nearer to the end of its life than the beginning.

I agree with everything you said and I appreciate your feedback. The hammer comment made me laugh. Thank you so much for helping me. I will be in a holding pattern until the noise gets worse or occurs more often.

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