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2000 Toyota ECHO battery drains overnight

battery drainns out over nite .caharging lith on ,but ncar runs is you dicconrct battery

Huh? Maybe you mean to type;

Battery drains out overnight but car runs if you disconnect the battery

You have a parasitic drain. Some electrical component has partially failed and is draining the battery. A good independent mechanic can find and fix this. Be prepared to pay him for his diagnostic time, this will take some effort to find.

Are you saying the red battery warning light is illuminated at idle . . . ?

If so, it seems you have problems with your charging system . . . for example a bad alternator or fusible link

And if I read the first part correctly, you also have a parasitic draw

So you may have 2 different problems

However, if your battery is bad, it might not hold a charge overnight, AND it might be preventing the alternator from doing its job

How old is that battery?

Good belt tension?

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