2000 Toyota Camry - Replace with import engine

the radiator hose blew and the engine overheated. is it worth replacing the engine with a Japanese import engine? I hear they have

Without knowing the rest of your question, I’m pretty sure the answer is, “Don’t replace it with any engine.” The car is now in its 20th model year since your 2000.


Just junk it, it’s 20 years old

My answer to your incomplete question is that whenever you think about spending a large sum of money on an older vehicle you need to know a lot about the condition of the rest of the car and then make a decision whether the cost to you will be justified by the extra use you will get from the car.

If you intend to sell the car the answer is pretty much always “no.”

  1. The JDM Camry (known as the Vista) is completely different car than the U.S./AUS-spec Camry.

  2. The JDM Vista could be had with either 1.8L or 2.0L engine, smaller versions the smallest engine (2.2L) available in the Camry. So in this case the JDM engine would a step down in terms of performance . And it’s not like there aren’t tons of U.S. Spec 2.2L engines around. The 3.0L V6 was not offered in the JDM Vista, but again was used in several different applications for the U.S. market.

It is more cost effective to replace the entire car.You can find a good working Camry cheaper than what you will pay to get a new engine.