2000 Toyota 4Runner - will P0446 correct itself?

HAD oil change at toyota dealer which included vehicle inspection(?). no other work done. several days later noticed check engine light on. looked under hood saw nothing obviously wrong. several days later looked under hood again. saw hose that was connected to top of air cleaner housing disconnected and end squeezed between halves of housing. corrected condition. hose reconnected properly, but check engine light is still on. auto parts store told me obd code is p0446. should clear itself . what do you think?

If the problem is “truly” fixed then it will take multiple run cycles without it seeing a problem before the light will clear if it is trully fixed . Give it a week and if it is still on the problem is not fixed .


If that hose is part of the EVAP system I would hope that the code will clear. Hopefully. If the check engine light went out it would be a good sign.