2000 subaru Outback, Headgasket Recall

I have 130,000 miles on my vehicle. I’ve had the head gasket replaced 3 times and it was costly. They are leaking again and it will cost 1,400.00 dollars and subaru of america will only give me 500.00 because I’ve taken care of the vehicle. This is not enough. Does this situation fall under the lemon law?

“Does this situation fall under the lemon law?”
Posted by: hightower85

After 7 years and 130,000 miles? I rather doubt it. But if you want the official answer, look in your glove compartment. Subaru’s Maintenance and Warranty booklet contains the text of the Lemon Law from all 50 states. Well, at least the booklets from the '02 model year and up have that information. If not, then you can find it on the 'net, via your favorite search engine.

But, don’t get your hopes up. Typically, cars are only covered under most Lemon Laws for something on the order of 18,000 miles.

You’re up the creek legally.

I have a question though. With these head gaskets being replaced 3 times, and now needing number 4, who has been paying for this?

How did you get Subaru of America to give you anything for this repair. I want to try to get them to give me money to repair my 2003 Legacy that has just started to show this problem. What might I say and to who.