2000 silverado will start but dies

I have a 2000 Silverado. It will start but does not stay running. Security light was on about a week ago. I took the battery cable off & put it back on. The vehicle than started. Now I have tried that & all it does is start up & die. Any suggestions?

sounds like the security system decided you stole the car.

How do I resolve this problem

If you find that the security system is not at fault there a number of causes for this problem. The AFM may be bad, for instance, or you could have a clogged fuel filter.

Does the engine die the moment that you release the ignition key from START? If it does, the ignition switch RUN contact is bad. It can be checked with a voltmeter and a wiring diagram, such as the Chassis Electrical wiring diagrams, under Repair Guides, at www.autozone.com.
If the engine runs a few seconds after the ignition key is released to RUN, spray the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor with an MAF cleaner.