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2000 Saturn LW1 A/C problem

A/C unit in wife’s car stopped - No cold air. Freon level was ifne. Chevrolet garage said the cluth was fried and I’d need a new compressor, et al. for $1600.

I bought a new compressor for $298 and found an a/c mech who piut it all together for $250. Problem is the new one doesn’t work either. Mechanic put it on his scanner and said there’s no signal getting to the compressor to turn it on (and that my old compressor probably wasn’t bad). All fuses and relays are good, it just won’t come on. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to what might be wrong, or what I might do next? We’ve jut finished 3 wks of triple digit heat and the wife is getting pretty p o’d… HELP

you have to trace back the circuit from the power point at the compressor connector til you find the place where the circuit is open, then repalce the lead that is broken. this could actually be the relay, if the relay coil is working, but the high current contacts are burned. How was the relay tested?

He swapped the horn relay with the a/c relay (same type) and it still didn’t work. He thought it might be the control unit in the dash, so I replaced that and it still doesn’t work… if it’s not a bad wire, could it be the computer?