2000 S10 possible water pump going out

I believe my water pump is going out, has anyone changed this on a 00’ S10, 4cyl. ? looking at the repair book it doesn’t seem too bad, but I’ve been down that road before!


Well as it turns out, it’s the radiator,(welcome to my world) I did the preasure test & the plastic(that’s right PLASTIC) piece at the top is cracked, so… $165. & I get to work on my truck all night!

An epoxy, or fiberglass, patch won’t work?

Stop drill the ends of the crack first, or it will spread past the repair. I have done this on several occasions, and the radiators held up for a good long time.

Plastic weld it with some plastic weld from : http://www.solder-it.com/solderpaste.asp

I usually distrust stuff like marine tex and that stuff, they never seem to work but this stuff works really well.

I spoke with a couple people, they both seemed to think total replacement was the thing to do, the leak is towards the top where 2 pieces meet & has a pretty good crack.

YOUR FRIENDS ARE CORRECT,do what they say and you’ll be very happy.

Changed the radiator out, it took a little over an hour, the old one had a 6 inch crack down the plastic jug on the side.

When I had to replace the radiator on my 84 S-15 it too had a plastic top and bottom. I replaced it with a Aftermarket (Modine) which was 100% metal. Cheaper then the OEM radiator too.

The replacement also had plastic jugs, lifetime warranty (auto zone) I fiqure if the 1st one made it 82000 miles, maybe this one will also?