2000 renault scenic battery drain

The only qualities where Renault vehicles excelled were ride quality and seat comfort. So, at least one could be comfortable while driving to the mechanic’s shop…

  1. The stereo and cigarette lighter unit comes on and goes off as and when it chooses, mostly it comes on with the ignition but sometimes doesnt and has a habit of coming on when i shut the car door, I thought that was the problem initially!

So what was done to eliminate that as the problem?

  1. Since the battery went flat and was jumped a few days ago the car has been central locking after I drive a few yards in it, it’s never done that before?

If your battery goes dead, your settings may go back to the defaults. Perhaps you or someone else programmed them differently and now they are back to factory default?

  1. I changed the windscreen wiper motor last week, could that have anything to do with it?

Maybe but unlikely. I’d pull the fuse for the cig lighter and stereo and see what happens over a few days. If it doesn’t go dead anymore, you have narrowed it down to those items on that fuse.

Before you go to that trouble, look at that connection closely. Take off the tape and pull on the connection and see if it comes apart. It appeared from the photo to be just a bunch of scrambled ends of wires with no real connection but I could be wrong.

The Red wire is for normal power to the radio.
The Yellow wire is the keep alive memory power.
It will work if they are swapped but it won’t hold your presets because the yellow wire was connected to a switched supply rather than the constantly powered one.

Someone had tied the wires together in a knot, but it stayed together when I pulled on it. I straightened the wires, got the two sets of wires to link together then twisted them tight with pliers and taped.

It is very comfy :joy:

So should it work ok now I’ve sorted it? Is it possible that was the problem or no?

Wiring it correctly and covering up that loose, stripped end of the red wire was certainly a step in the right direction. The yellow wire to the radio red would keep the whole front end of the radio powered at all times. And the bare red wire could have been touching something but if it hit ground I’d expect the fuse to blow…

So now the red-red and yellow-yellow the system should shut down when the ignition is off?

I’ll update in the morning if it dies again!

Multimeter readings of the battery and alternator were all good when I did them not long ago so I’m sure it’s not either of those.