2000 Pontiac Grand Prix - obtaining advance data

I live near Denver. My Pontiac (below) runs cooler and gets better gas mileage only in the mountains, on high-octane gasoline. I think this has to do with the ping sensor and timing retarder.

Is there a way to configure a gauge that reports timing advance, on a modern car where it’s varied by the computer?

Enjoyed your radio program, and now column, maybe for decades.


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Yes, an app by the name of Torque Pro is available for android smartphones and tablets (not iPhones). It can stream spark advance data (and a whole lotta other data) in real time as you drive. You just need a Bluetooth adaptor to plug into your OBD2 diagnostic connector.

There are other products that will do this as well, but this is a popular one.

BTW, the data stream won’t look like you expect it will! :grinning: But have some fun with it anyway!

Thank you. That’s something I’m able to do.

I usta be charmed by vacuum gauges but now I know without a gauge. Now ignition timing moves around and I think I can decide what kind of gas to buy if I know what it’s doing.


You should also be able to display spark knock counts in Torque as well. That is easier way to identify knock you can’t hear.