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2000 Oldsmobile Aurora - Can't get in

Car has sat for 10 mths. - w/o power I can’t open the door to recharge, even with the key - how do I get into the car?

Why not? Manually unlock the door with the key and open it up. Why won’t that work?

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I also wonder why you can’t use the key but there is always ’ POP -A- LOCK ’ which you can find with a web search.

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In case this is helpful: How to enter a car with a dead fob.

Good info above, especially JG’s link. It is probably possible to open the hood and recharge the car’s battery using a battery charger too. I had to do that w/my Corolla when the hood latch got stuck. Involved moving the cable that controls the hood latch from underneath the latch area. I had to use some guesswork & long forceps as I recall. If you can find another Aurora like yours to inspect how that cable is routed, that would make the job less taxing. It seems like the physical key should insert into the lock and open the door, but I guess that would make too much sense … lol …

If even the mechanical doesn’t work there are Only 2 options. 1: call a lock out service as if you locked the keys in the car. 2: find a rock.

As far as using the key in the lock. A friend had a Sonata that ONLY the drivers door had a lock cylinder for the key. Someone had tried to break into the car and destroyed the lock. Attempting to use the key the entire cylinder would just turn. Yup, called my roadside assistance provider (the one that uses the first letter of the alphabet three times) they sent a locksmith, 2 minutes later door was open. Then we could open the hood and replace the battery.

A Porsche Boxster has the battery in the underhood compartment. To get that open you normally push a button, so if the battery is dead that doesn’t work. So Porsche has placed two terminals under a plate inside the car, but those two terminals are so small and close together you can not use regular jumper cables. A home 30 amp battery charger will work. But, couldn’t they just provide a pull cable instead? Talk about making a simple job hard.

Yeah motor club or locksmith, but I suspect that the reason the key doesn’t work is that the cylinder is a little corroded. Try squirting some solvent or WD40 in the lock and work it around to see if that helps. On my Aurora though, I had to actually eliminate one of the tumblers it was frozen up so bad.

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