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2000 nissan xterra front drivers side wheel clicking in 4 wheel drive

I recently replaced my wheel studs on my 2000 nissan xterra (front drives side). In the process I had to take apart my wheel assembly and put it all back together. Now that all the pieces are back together I took the car for a test drive. When I put it into 4 wheel drive 2 to 4 clicks with every rotation of the wheel. I also noticed buzzing noise while driving in 2 wheel drive. while quiet it sounded like the noise you would get as a child putting a baseball card in your bicycle wheel spokes. The noise is coming from the wheel that I just did work on and I cant figure out what is causing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I wonder if the stud replacement was done correctly so as not to interfer with a auto hub locking system. I don’t have a clue if that’s what is used by the xTerra or they use a front diff actuator instead. Otherwise, it’s a wild guess as to what parts/ part is involved. Had a situation where only the dealer had the right tools and knowledge to work around my hubs easily and correctly once in my Toyota Truck. I would take it to a Nissan dealer. It may be a cheap, easy fix for them (?) or not. :=(

Thanks for the insight and suggestions. I live in the middle of the Rockies and the closest Nissan dealer is three hours away and I’m worried what someone might charge me in my local town as all I’ve heard is horror stories.

Foriegn cars use a lot of common parts, surprisingly. If say, a Toyota or GM dealership that had a good reputation is nearer, a talk with them might work…are they all that bad ?

It’s just that I live in a remote tourist destination so they know they can charge whatever they want… There is a gm dealer about an hour away I will probably try