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2000 Nissan Sentra alternator problem

I have been having battery related problems with my 2000 Nissan Sentra. It appears that the alternator belt is not turning. All other belts are turning. None of the pulleys are frozen. Any suggestions? I need to get this thing back on the road soon!

If the pulley isn’t frozen…then the belt should turn. If it’s NOT then it’s not installed properly. Has it fallen out of position…or not tight enough.

This is the original belt. The battery light goes on in the car and when you start the car everything is moving except the alternator is not spinning.

Is the belt loose???

Original Belt??? I’d suggest getting it replaced. It’s past due.

Is the belt sliding around the non-moving alternator pulley?

This would likely cause a lot of squealing and smoking but would indicate that your alternator is locked up and needing replacement.

Regardless, if this is in fact the original belt from 2000 it needs to be replaced, why not do the rest at the same time.

When you have the belts off make sure that all things that are supposed to spin actually do, they should turn fairly easily.

When you reinstall the belts make sure they are tight enough, you’d be surprised how much force it takes to spin an alternator when it’s being asked to put out a lot of charge.