2000 mustang 3.8 l v6 engine miss

Was told not plugs, wires, coil or computer issue
Was told could be head gasket pressure tested
colling system slow pressure drop and may have
jumped timming chain
Replaced coil, plugs, and wires. still running rough
Any ideas 130000 miles worth changing engine
or sell as is,
Thanks for any help

Compression test? No check engine light?

No comp test or check engin light


Do you know specifically which cylinder is misfiring?

That is the starting point

Like @mleich said, I would recommend doing a compression test, to rule out a base engine problem

I’m surprised your mechanic hasn’t considered a possible fuel problem. I’ve fixed plenty of misfires due to bad injectors. Some were plugged, others had an open circuit

4 is issue 2 of 6 plugs had issues Build up of carbon and other goodies on them. I plan on doing compression test first if good im gowing step back and punt this car as far as I can HAHAHAHA

Thanks CAM

Uh oh. A Ford 3.8 with a miss on cylinder #4 and slow coolant pressure test leak? I’d pull the #4 plug, if it has any sign of coolant contamination then leave the plug out, pressurize the cooling system and go to lunch. I’ll bet half an hour later there will be slight coolant in that cylinder.