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2000 Isuzu Trooper TRANSMISSION QUESTIONS what type of FLUID does this take?

I have a 2000 Isuzu Trooper LS, 170k miles, automatic, 4x4, tow, Torque On Demand System.

WHAT FLUID TYPE GOES IN THESE??? I’ve gotten three different answers from four sources!
Is it Dex5, Dex III, or DexMerc standard? ? ? ?

If someone knows for SURE, please let me know.
LOL, seriously people, when has inconsistent and ambiguous tips become so prevalent?!!! (Rhetorical question lol)

Also: Another issue that may be related, syptoms started after changing tranny pan gasket and filter with fresh Dex-III fluid in pan.
I’m trying to figure out why this car shuts off the ignition system when warmed up. I literally have to wait 4 hours to start it again. I’ve read about heat shielding issues, but I’m just not understanding why this would shut off the whole system. But I’m maybe considering that when I refilled a leaking transmission that maybe I put in the wrong type, its expanding wrong, and over heating the transmission, then the system shuts off,
I need to be sure which fluid is the right type… since there is so much ambiguity here, its quite troubling.

What transmission type does this take? Please and thank you!

Don’t you have an owner’s manual?
If in doubt as what ATF your automatic transmission uses, call the Isuzu dealer. There’s no good reason why they woudn’t tell you.

The transmission is a GM 4L30E and you can use DEX VI in it.