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2000 Intrepid

my son just had $875 worth of repairs to his 2000 Intrepid for “intake valve”, drove it off the mechanic shop and 1 day later had the exact same problem with the car he had when he took it in the shop…mechanic picked up the car and now says the car needs a new engine!! Does this sound right or make sense? Something about “sensors” not connecting?!

What was the original problem, and what was done to correct it? “Intake valve” doesn’t tell us much.

What has happened now that requires a new engine?

Need more detail. Lots more.

The original problem was that the car was stalling and dying out…took it in and was told that the intake valve was the problem…so it was repaired. Was told by mechanic that “air was getting into the engine which was causing it to stall out”. Repairs were $875, valve, gaskets, etc were replaced. A day after car was picked up from shop it continued to have the same problem…car was picked up by mechanic and now he says it needs a new engine because the sensors are bad, the engine starts knocking (was not knocking before the valve job)and the sensors do not connect so the car doesn’t start. Because the “engine is bad” replacing the sensors will not solve the problem. That’s all the information I have…does anyone have any suggestions or ideas if the mechanic is right on this???

No this doesn’t sound right. Find another mechanic fast…

Personally, the mechanic diagnosed what he told you and charged you $875 for the repair which was incorrect. He is responsible to fix the problem at his cost.

Sensors not connecting is BS. If the car has a sensor porblem it is he who should find out why.

Like I mentioned above, now it is his porblem to resolve the situation at no additional cost if the porblem continues.

the latest…now the mechanic is replacing the “sensors” (at no charge) to see if the sensors are the problem…they were testing and showed not enough juice…how can we find out if the car ever needed the intake valve job?

We need the account in more, and fuller, detail. Right now, there just isn’t enough information, in enough accurate detail.
At this point, second-hand information is not enough. Get more specific information from the mechanic, or have him “call” us, here at CarTalk.