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2000 Honda Odyssey - Better grip?

I drive 2000 odyssey, front wheel drive…What can be done/added to improve traction control or better grip on uphill /wet roadway?

New tires with good rating for traction . Best to get all four at one time and rotate about every 5000 miles.


What’s your tire pressure ?

Better tires and and light foot when accelerating.

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If you have something really heavy in the far rear of the van, move it to the floor in the center, behind the front seat.


What tires do you have now? How much tread is on them?

How old are the tires?

I have Goodyear Comfortread tires on my 2006 Sienna and have been very satisfied with them until now. The tires are wearing evenly and have plenty of tread but are exhibiting wheel spin on wet roads from a standing start unless the driver is very light on the throttle. However the tires are at least 5 to 6 years old and I’m guessing the tread is starting to harden with age. The tires will soon be replaced based on age and loss of wet traction.

Ed B.

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