2000 Honda Civic won't start

I have a 2000 Honda Civic coupe. Car will not turn on or click at all. I tried jump starting it. But car will not receive anything. Help me!

Check if fuse #41 BATTERY 80 AMP is blown in the under hood fuse box .


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I will check that tonight. Thanks

So I checked my fuse box and I checked that fuse in specific with a light tester. And one side turns on only. So I suppose that means the fuse is no good. I removed the fuse. And tested the box. And only one side turned on and one didn’t. Does this mean that my fuse box is no good as well?

You need a good fuse to send power to the second terminal.

What blew the fuse? Did you connect the jumper cables backwards?

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Tested my fuse again. And it was my 80AMP FUSE. I changed it and car started up right away. Thanks for the help :grin:


Well done!

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