2000 Honda Civic shakes when braking

My 2000 Honda civic is having some problems with it staling when the car warms up and I start to push on the brake to stop the car when I reach a certain speed and the car starts shaking like it’s going to die and about half the time it does die. I have changed the fuel filter and the spark plugs what else could it be please help. It has 183,000km on the car

Closely check the vacuum hose to the brake booster for a leak.

At 18 years old the hose could need replacing.


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Replace the Idle Air Control valve.

This device is what allows the engine to idle anytime the gas pedal is released.

Sometimes engine heat effects the IAC valve where it doesn’t function correctly.


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Good ideas above. As well, the diagnostic codes should be checked, and the brake booster should be checked to confirm it still holds vacuum too. If you find any diagnostic codes, post them here and you’ll get some more ideas.

It could be a vacuum leak. Try to clean also the IACV and FITV.