2000 Honda Civic Sdn - New sound after timing belt

How tight should my timing belt be?? I drive a 2000 Honda Civic Lx and recently had my timing belt changed along with the rest of the timing components. I noticed that I am getting a winding noise from the belt now, sounds like an airplane. Anyway I ask the mechanic about it and he says he tightened it up real good And that it’s better tight then loose and having it skip timing. I told him it was fine before this and never made noise. He says it will be fine that it’s not a problem. I am now worried that my belt will snap so any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks :pray:

Look on your receipt. See what parts were installed. He SHOULD have installed a new tensioner and water pump. The tensioner provides the correct tension, it is not adjustable.

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I bought the kit and watched him put it all together, I no my belt is to tight I’m just asking if that could be a problem. He said he did make sure the belt was on tight but I’m just worried it’s to tight and maybe break or damage something else

Dumb question but are you sure the noise is coming from the timing belt? Not the alternator, for example?

Yes I’m positive. Brand new alternator and belt two weeks before timing and when I pop hood and rev engine from the throttle cable I can hear it I put my head down right to the timing belt cover and it’s definitely coming from there. The mechanic tells me that it’s normal and even clams his car does the same. I think I’m going to take man up and take car to Honda dealer. It’ll be double what I paid but at least it will be done right

Maybe take it to a Honda dealer and have their mechanic tell you if the noise is any reason for concern. Don’t pay for work unless you need it.

That’s a great idea thank you