2000 Ford Ranger list of issues

  1. Transmission flares when pulling out from red lights.

    2. Fan air only comes up through defrost vents.

    3. Radio sound cuts out and has deafening speaker blasts in the ensuing silence. CD player sounds fine.

    4. Check engine light reflects misfire monitor malfunction.

    5. Occasional chirping from engine appears to be vacuum leak somewhere rather than belt-related.

    6. O/D Off light flashes when tranny acts up after I pull out. Resets when I cut engine.

    Okay. What should I target first for fixing? The engine? The tranny? The possibility of a vacuum leak? Yeah, I know, radio woes go last. Good thing my husband owns lots of CDs.

If it were mine, I’d first try to find the vacuum leak as this could contribute to some of the other problems. A vacuum leak will cause the engine to run rough and in turn could affect how the transmission shifts. You could also take it to a transmission shop for a diagnosis and estimate. It would be well worth it. The reason your fan only blows air out the defrost is also because of the vacuum leak. The heater control is partly controlled by vacuum. If it isn’t getting vacuum from the engine, it won’t move the doors in the heater ductwork to redirect air off of defrost. Defrost is the default (no vacuum) mode because in case of a problem, they want you to still have defrost (the setting that would be worst to be without). At any rate, I would get the engine and transmission problems resolved soon before they cause more problems. The radio problem sounds like a bad antenna connection either on the back of the radio or at the antenna itself. Good Luck.

I went out to eat the other night and my truck didn’t want to leave the parking lot. Luckily, Dad was there to miraculously get it to back up out of the space even though reverse had become neutral. (Some speculate he bounced it off the curb in front hard enough to roll back…very possible I guess). What with reverse gone I couldn’t even limp around in it anymore, so I finally caved and drove it to the shop the next morning. Reverse band was broken, overdrive drum burnt up, and various other elements leading to a “It looked pretty bad” diagnosis. But the good news is the transmission guy went ahead and repaired a slightly leaky rear main seal along with the pesky vacuum leak while he rebuilt my transmission and performed all the pertinent valve body updates. The V6 power is back and I love it! Now if I can just get the radio squared away and the A/C recharged…

If the OD light is flashing, it signals a serious transmission problem. There should be a code set.

I would guess one or more vacuum leaks and a bad connection to the antenna. You also need to check for any stored error codes which would appear likely, some auto part stores will get them for you for free. Post them back here as a reply to your post giving the actural codes like P0123 not the English translation.

Glad to hear it! That sounds like 5 of the six original problems solved in one shot! Now, the radio seems to be a problem with the antenna connection. Pull the radio, and see if the antenna plug has pulled out. If not, I suggest a replacement antenna. Threading the new antenna line through the fender and behind the dash is a pain, but you’ll have better sound for it.

After three days of bliss, the check engine light is on again. Before, one of the engine codes was a “misfire monitor malfunction.” Now, it’s a P1309 – misfire monitor disabled. Any ideas?