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2000 Ford Ranger - 4x4 question

Excellent. You all have been very helpful and understanding with my lack of knowledge. I think I have what I need with the info in the manual (which was a real good suggestion).
Thanks again. Jerry

Please let us know how you made out.

I just took it for a test drive and it all worked perfectly … it was a little difficult to tell between 2wd and 4high, but I could definitely tell when in 4high and trying to make a turn. Also, definitely could tell 4low … wow! I guess I just wasn’t depressing both the brake and clutch while trying to engage it. Thanks again, soooo much.

On my 04’ Exploder… You need to have the trans in neutral to access 4x4 low… Not sure if yours is the same deal or not… Just wanted to mention.

Agree electronic’s have no place in tranmission’s or transfer case’s need’s to be straight mechanical all the way but I am old school and am in the minority here. Also I don’t like automatic transmission’s.