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2000 ford ranger 2.5 please help car repair

I have a miss 3 cylinders is at 104 but my 3rd cylender is at 60 something I was going to throw a little really thick oil in the hole of the spark plug to see if it repreasure it to 104 but if it doesn’t can I drive it a 300 mi trip with that going on he said everything is running well something about some ring please help

Regular motor oil works just fine, 10w30, 5w20 or what ever you have. and only about 1 tablespoon of oil.

Adding the oil is only for testing purposes, it is NOT a cure.

If adding the oil raises compression, it indicates your problem is likely rings.
If adding oil does not raise compression it is likely valves or head gasket.

I personally wouldn’t attempt to drive this thing any farther than I felt like walking, unless you have cell phone service all the way and someone willing to come get you.