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2000 ford explorer with smoking engine

My engine keeps smoking and it won’t start unless it’s jumped with a power pack. I just replaced the heating/cooling valve about 2 months ago as there was a hole blown in it. It looks like the smoke is coming from somewhere from the back of the engine closer to the cabin. I don’t ask much from the vehicle as I’m disabled(MS) just to go back and forth to the grocery store, mainly. It is only 5 miles round trip. Any idea what the problem may be?

First guess because I can’t see it,

Bad starter, drawing to much power, which is why you’re needing the jump pack and the wire going to it is what is smoking.

But don’t replace the starter on just my guess.

You may need a new battery.
Who is hooking up jump pack?
Can they watch the area while starting?
It smokes while cranking?
Or after it’s running? Oil leak?