2000 Ford Expedition brake problems

hi guys! this problem has been posted long time ago, but no one comments nor suggests a solution.

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2000 Ford Expedition brake problems

I just had the rear breaks changed on my 2000 Ford Expedition. It is now starting to make some interesting noises when I break. When the car comes to a complete stop, it sounds like a 5 gallon water jug is rolling around in back with two “boing” sounds then one more when I start back up. Is this a problem with the new brakes or something else?

Thanks for your help

Well? if you just had the rear brakes serviced, and now it’s making these sounds from the rear, the rear brakes should inspected to determine if something got messed up when the brake job was performed.


Since it is associated with braking to a stop, I would have the shop that did the brake work do a check on their work. Give them the symptoms, and make sure they understand it it associated with braking to a stop, and see what they say.

Unfortunately, I don’t associate rear brake problems with the noise you attempted to describe…