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2000 Escort ZX2 stalls at an idle

My ZX2 2.0L DOHC stalls at an idle when approaching stop lights or turns, particularly when the clutch is in. AutoZone gave me the code P1383. The timing belt looks fine. We did an engine flush and that seemed to help some, but it seems to stall more when the heater is running. Could this be an IAC issue? Any other ideas?

That is a variable valve timing code. That is most often a bad belt or pulley. It could be a faulty VCT solenoid. Are you using the prescribed 5W-20 oil? Anything “heavier” can interfere with the solenoid. Debris in the oiling system can interfere with the VCT solenoid.

I had the same problem with my 98 zx2. I had to replace the computer because my heater core was leaking onto it.

Great design Ford, lets put a vital component susceptible to moisture damage under a part that will start to leak over time.