2000 Dodge Dakota Relay -

Hello Guys. Thanks for all the help the past few months to start off.

I have a new problem. In my 2000 Dodge Dakota the electric cooling fan will run after the engine is shut off. It’s only happened twice the past few months driving it every day.

I unplugged the relay to shut it off the last time and when it just happened again and did the same thing and it solved the problem. Then I just plugged it back in and it didn’t happen for awhile. However last time I noticed the relay was really hot.

Now I have a check engine light code PO1491 related to the electric cooling fan.

I replaced the relay thinking that must be bad.

I got a new relay but the check engine light won’t go off. I read it could be the terminals in the socket that are bad. Do you think this could be the case? If so any videos on how to replace them?

Any other ideas?

Read through the diagnostic procedure here (BTW, this isn’t a PO1491 code, it is a P1491 code)

Apparently not a stuck old relay but a short to ground that pulls the relay in and runs the fan.