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2000 dodge dakota quad

I have a 2000 dodge dakota with 30,000 miles. Should I get a new car or keep it. Its an 8 cyl and gets 16 miles per gallon.

Need more details as to your situation. Do you want better mileage? Do you need a vehicle at all? A car instead of a truck? Both?

What is a “quad”? I am assuming a 4-door pickup but I have never heard that term.

I want a subaru impreza for driving in snow.
Better gas milage would be great but I don’t drive much.
Dodge quad means four door.
I want a new car but my brain is telling me don’t be stupid.
I also worry that a ten year old car might be costly in repairs.

In that case, keep the Dodge and buy a used Impreza for the snow (along with a set of 4 winter tires). Keep up the routine maintenance and the Dodge will last a long time. Why sell it if you are not having problems with it?

Half of this discussion board is Subaru’s problems with head gaskets and tire/awd issues.

That?s a pretty big question with no right answer and possibly no best answer. I would start by looking at the costs to keep the truck verses the costs of replacing it. Is the truck paid for? What will it cost you to buy something else? Do you need another truck or can you get by with a small fuel efficient car? What is the resale value of the Dodge? It doesn?t sound like you drive much. How much do you pay a week for fuel? Saving $50 a week is a big savings, saving $5 not so much. You can expect to pay more in the future for repairs to the Dodge, but 30,000 isn?t a lot of miles. What will the difference be in property taxes, insurance? If the Dodge is paid for and you don?t drive much it might be worth keeping, especially if you put the savings away toward purchasing a new vehicle in the future. After doing all of that analysis there always is the fun factor to consider. I worked for a motorcycle dealership during the ?73 oil embargo. We sold a lot of bikes to customers who said they wanted something that got good mileage. Of course they rarely thought about how much gas they could buy for the cost of a new motorcycle.