2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager air conditioner



Our 2000 Chrysler has a persistant problem with the air conditioner. When we turn it on, although there is cool air, we can hear a belt slip…sometimes this is shortly after beginning our drive, and sometimes it is later when accelerating. We have had the serpantine belt replaced x2, and the AC fixed at least that many times. The car also has a persistant “oily” or work smell when we get in…it dissapates some after traveling with the fan on or widows open. WE seem to be able to run the fan and defrost fine without the belt slippage sound. Any one else have this persistant problem and have a solution??


Did they replace the tensioner with the belt? The tensioner is what keeps the belt tight. If it was never replaced, that explains the problem. The A/C compressor will put considerable strain on the belt when turned on, and will cause a marginal belt to squeal. With the age of the van, I would definitely replace the tensioner.