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2000 Chevrolet Blazer Radiator Leak

2000 Blazer, 95k miles, 4wd V6. I was checking the oil and noticed the overflow tank was nearly empty. Fortunately the radiator was stiil full to the top. There was some coolant on the outside of the left radiator side tank. I pulled the shroud off and saw the tank had a vertical crack (~1") near the top of the front side of the tank. The tank looks like it had some impact damage at some point. The truck had the left fender and bumper replaced from a minor accident before I bought it. I’m guessing the radiator was damaged then.

For now I’m going to loosen the radiator cap to lower the pressure in the system. This is a trick from the old days

I’m assuming the radiator has to be replaced. I suppose there is a possibility that the tank can be replaced, but the rest of the radiator is 8 years old. Are there any special tricks or tools needed to remove the transmission cooling lines and the oil cooler fittings?


Ed B.

I might suggest that you wet each cooler line nut with PB B’laster or something similar. They can be tough to remove without trashing the threads, as I’ve experienced. Also, be sure that you don’t leave the old O-rings behind in the radiator when you disconnect the oil cooler lines (the trans cooler lines don’t use O-rings), or oil leaks could develop with the new radiator.

Thanks for the tip, PB’s good stuff. I believe the trans and oil coolers are disconnected by removing a clip, but the fittings will probably have to be removed and transfered to the new radiator once the original radiator has been removed.

Ed B.