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2000 Camry Transmission

2000 Camry V6 with 209,000k. The car is in great shape, but I haven’t done anything with the trans. in about 100k. The fluid is still pink on the dipstick. The dealer says that on a car with that many miles on it that they only do a drain and fill. They said that it does have a filter but that they just clean it which leads me to believe that it is just a screen. The factory service manual doesn’t seem to mention a filter, but autozone shows one.

Also I’m wondering what to do about the differential. It has ATF in it, I checked, but I can’t see where to refill is (I looked all over) and the manual shows how to install a new differential seal which would lead me to believe that the trans and diff don’t tranfer fluid between them.

Is a drain and fill okay or should I find a place that will flush? Does this car have a filter? Does this car have independent differential fluid? If so, where is the refill? Obviously there is no way I’m going to drain the diff. before I find where to refill it.

I am assuming that this transmission is the A140E. There is a filter under the transmission oil pan. One advantage of changing the filter is that you can clean out the pan; eyeball at the particles, and look at what is adhering to the magnet. This gives you an idea if the transmission is making metal and what type is involved. If I had the pan off, I would spring for the filter and install it. If the fluid is indeed still ‘pink’, you probably would not gain much from a flush.

You fill the differential through the hole on the side where you checked the level. You do need a pump and tube to get the transmission fluid into the differential case. Make sure that Camary is sitting level; fill the differential until the oil starts coming out the level check hole; and then put the side plug back in. The differential does not share fluid with the transmission so it is drained and filled separately.

Hope that helps. If I have referenced the wrong transmission, please post back the correct model number.

I wouldnt flush it unless the fluid is contaminated which it doesnt seem to be. Just service it by dropping the pan clean it, change the filter and refill. From now on, service the transmission every 25-30k miles.


I don’t know how to determine if I have the A140E or the A451E. Autozone shows the same filter for both and I have it. Both local dealers said that they only clean the filter and reinstall it. I’m not so worried about the $17 filter as I am doing the right thing by either installing the Autozone filter or cleaning the old one. I bought some Castrol Multi Import fluid but am thinking about returning it and getting T-IV from the dealer, any thoughts? I don’t do my own maintenence only to save a buck, I do it so I know what’s going on. I want to do the best (reasonably) for the car. If it costs a little more, its cheaper in the end, if it adds life. I just let this get away from me.

The big question was the diff. fill and I think I have a handle on it. Thanks so much for your response. I really appreciate it.

I will do so. Any idea on the schedule for changing the diff. ATF? There is no mention of it in the owners manual or the factory manual. Maybe I’ll just do it when I service the trans. I can’t tell you how much the responses from this site have helped me. Thank you.