2000 Camry 5th gear issue

I have a 2000 Camry V-6 with an M/T and the trans has started comming out of 5th gear while driving. It is not popping out under load, it happens when I go from loaded (on the gas) to un-loaded (coasting). It is not a “pop”, when I get back on the gas, it is just in neutral. I can lightly hold the shifter and it stays in gear, but the lever moves alot during loading and un-loading. It only does this in 5th (both the shifter moving and popping out of gear). any ideas? I am going to investigate the linkage tonight and see if there is a problem there, but I am worried it is a bigger problem than that.

Certainly have a look at the linkage - but you likely have a worn synchronizer. With that you either learn to drive in 4th or the transmission has to be opened up.

I’d also look at the engine and transmission mounts, if they’re bad and the engine shifts a lot from loaded to un-loaded, that might be causing the problem.

How may miles on this Camry? Is the shift pushing back when you get back on the gas? I am wondering if the input shaft might be moving in on decceleration and out on acceleration. That could be caused by a bad rear shaft/thrust bearing, a popped C-ring, or a loose retainer plate.

Is there are sign of shifter pull/push in 3rd or 4th? 3rd and 4th syncrosleeve is also mounted on the input shaft. 1st and 2nd gear syncrosleeves are on the counter shaft so they probably would not be moving also

Hopefully, repairing the linkage or servicing the selector will cure this problem. Keep us appraised of your progress.

Do you have a habit of resting your hand on the shifter while traveling down the highway in 5th gear? If so, there could be excessive wear in the synchronizer hub/sleeve assembly.

I mention this because many people have this bad habit and are simply not aware of what damage this may be causing.

I think you have the same transmission as 1995-2000 RAV4 and they have the same trouble after 100,000-150,000mi
It can be fixed without pulling the trans-this is how


Sure sounds like the same problem - great link!

I would say 50% of the RAV4s in the yrs I said have this trouble,auto are bulletproof and they are the best little suv ever!