2000 caddy seville sls with the sakes

At hwy speed of 65 to just over 70 my 2000

SLS sakes. I have had the wheel rebalanced and rotated. The rotors replaced and alinment done. What else is there to do? Any suggestions.

Try a shop which has an on-the-car wheel balancer. These places can also shave a tire to ensure that it is truly round. The tire thread should be observed while the wheel is spinning. If it “squiggles”, that is a problem.

I have a car which, at one time, had cracks in a front wheel. The mechanics never found the cause of my wheel shake because when they raised the front end for balancing, all the pressure was taken off the wheel and the small cracks closed up. But they reopened when driving.

Try moving the front wheels to the back and see if it makes any difference. Let us know.