2000 bonneville 3.8sc albatross

My wife’s 2000 Bonneville 3.8lsc has an intermittent fuel problem. Driving she is fine but coming to a stop or slowing down it quits. Starts right up again and other than that runs fine. Engine light code says lean mixture. Fuel filter is brand new, wondering if more likely the pump or a sensor/relay along the electronic chain of command. Any help taken with appreciation.


What is the exact code number that was retrieved?


I will get it and post it asap.


SWMBO sent me there are 2 codes P0171 and P0102

Based on those codes I would be inclined to forget about the fuel system for a minute - (but has anyone at least checked the fuel pressure?)

The P0102 code is for low input on the mass airflow (MAF) sensor. This can happen for a few reasons - one is an actual wiring problem for the sensor. But another is if its just dirty (how old is that air filter, btw? It isn’t a K&N filter is it?) In addition, one of the first things to do with a P0171 is to clean the MAF.

Anyway, get a can of MAF cleaner (basically electronics cleaner). Clean and inspect the MAF. Check out its wiring and harness (might as well clean the connections too). Reset the codes and let it ride.

Then see where things stand.

I will start with the air filter and MAF tonight when she gets home and reset and see how she goes form there. The sooner as I fix her regular wheels the sooner I can get to work on my 76 LTD land yacht (aka The Barge :slight_smile: ) Thanks a bunch. Here’s hoping.