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2000 Beetle discharging broken down insulation

My 2000 Beetle’s (270,000 + miles) fan is discharging the remnants of insulation surrounding the heater/ a/c ‘something.’ I get pieces that have to be removed from the louvers on the dashboard with tweezers, and some comes out as tiny particles that I only noticed when it landed on something white. Does this contain asbestos, and therefore present a health issue? Reading other posts, this looks too expensive a repair to be reasonable for my car. Is it safe to keep driving in this condition.? Comments on that?

Asbestos was banned long before 2000 and it would not be used there as insulation; fiberglass is much better and cheaper. Having said that, fiberglass fibers are not good for breathing in either.

I would cover the outlets with a piece of screen door netting (comes in black) to catch any loose fibers. A cheap solution.

I don’t think they use fiberglass either, they usually use foam and typically it is white styrofoam. Does the car smell or did it have a bad smell at one time in the recent past?

It’s a closed cell black foam that is used in the vent system.

Over time this foam dries out and begins to crumble and is blown out the vents in small pieces.

Is it health issue? No. Just a nuisance.